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Website Design

Website design is a joy for me.  If you need a quick and affordable, user friendly website, I am available to build sites on Wix or Square space.  This FMP site and the ones shown below are examples of my work.

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Wolf Botanical is a boutique and intimate landscape design firm.  In this design I focussed on simplicity and elegance.

Mama D Wellness is Functional Holistic Health Consultant who was looking for help in design and content for streamlining and simplifying.  We focussed on keeping things in line with her clientele.

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Local Motion Surf Tours was a more involved website design with more layers and images.  It was a joy to design and create.  A blend of professionalism, diversity, and fun.

EMFreesd is an Electromagnetic Consulting business with a focus on sharing information.  This design required lots of content with ease of use.  

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